Dear webmaster!
We regret to inform you that AdBlock blocked our code. At the moment we can't provide you with a new code which would help you to earn more, but we continue working in this direction and we hope that soon we will be able to defeat AdBlock.
Dear webmasters!
Good news for those who was interested in AdBlock bypass. Now we have this opportunity. More about this you can read in this article. If you have any questions, our support team will kindly help you.
Domain parking for webmasters is already working!
Dear webmaster, now you can enhance your own earnings and increase the number of impressions of your ad block by domain parking. The exact actions that need to be done for parked domain are listed in the tooltip when you configure/add your site in our system. If you have any questions, please contact our support team. Enjoy your work and higher earnings!
Dear webmasters!
We present you a new ad format - «Noplace Block». This is a new unique solution in the placement of ad blocks. It is fully customizable in the blocks constructor and displayed on top layer of the page only when a user is going to close the browser tab. An example of the work, as well as information about the benefits and setting up you can see on this page.
The good news for webmasters
Now webmasters in our system can work in US dollars. New webmasters can activate the dollar mode during registration. For existing webmasters transition will be available after the accumulation on the balance amount for payout. Before paying out you need to go to the profile settings and switch mode to dollars. After switching into dollars to payout on the balance should be no less than $ 20. Note that the reverse transition to UAH is impossible. Enjoy use.
Switching to calculations in UAH
Ukraine proceeds to a floating exchange rate of the dollar on April 1, 2014.. In this regard, the system goes to settlements in the national currency (hryvnia). Payments can be made as to the WMU-purse, and the WMZ-purse at the rate of purchase of WMZ to the time of payment. On all questions write to support.
Geo-caps applied to ad blocks
To the webmasters attention! Now you can use html-code caps for visitors from different countries in system TrafMag. For Ukrainian visitors of your site will appear TrafMag'a code. It can not be changed. For each of the other countries (or all at once), you can specify a separate stub code (eg Adsense, Marketgid etc.). If you do not specify the cap code for the other countries, will be displayed the TrafMag code.
End of beta test and launch
Testing has shown viability and effectiveness of the system. We fixed many bugs and introduced several improvements. The system is working normally and our team is constantly working on its improvement and new functionality.
Open beta testing
Dear webmasters and advertisers! We announce the open beta test of a new advertising network TrafMag. Read more about the benefits and conditions you can read on the main page.