Noplace block

We present to your attention «Noplace block» - a new and unique solution in the placement of ad blocks.

To get acquainted with the mechanics of the format, move the cursor to the cross closing the tab in the browser or output beyond the displayed page. Output ads over the pages of the site upon completion of the user's session is an additional tool to monetize with advertising space savings.

What are the advantages?

  • The block does not take advertising space, so it is not placed at the expense of the already established advertising, further increasing your income.
  • This format is the most loyal offer in the market of advertising relative to your audience, because advertising material is not imposed at the beginning, distracting and annoying visitor, preventing to get the useful information. It is loyally provided at the end of the session, when he finished his work, ready to close the site, and already has free time.
  • This unique approach gives an incredible side effect of improving the behavioral factor of your project: it delays the visitor, as appears at the end, distracting him from the intention to close the site.
  • Due to its mechanics the format has a high response from your visitors. As a result, you get a high CTR and CPM, which makes novelty out of competition among advertising formats, your earnings leader.
  • Noplace block is not exposed to "banner blindness", which affects fixed standard ad formats, which allows to maintain a high CTR and your income during the whole period of cooperation.
  • The asynchronous code structure does not affect on the loading speed of your website, that guarantees its quick work.

How to setup?

Exterior view of Noplace block is completely configurable in the constructor block. Everything like for the common blocks, only the code to paste into your site you need to take for Noplace block.

By default the format is triggered 1 time per hour. But you can change this setting in Noplace-code specifying the required interval in hours within single quotes in a row:
cookieExp: '1'
The value can be either fractional (eg., 0.5) or 0.

Code of Noplace block can be inserted in any place of your HTML-pages without sacrificing speed and performance of the site.