TrafMag is the advertising network that has united the best spaces of Russian spoken Internet, providing the web-site owners with an effective tool of site monetization management.

Our advertisement guarantees you wide coverage of the audience, visual presentation of your goods with the elements of branding, high efficiency for an adequate price.

The advantages of TrafMag advertising network:

  • wide coverage of the target audience;
  • cooperation with top retailers;
  • active usage of retargeting and dynamic banners;
  • careful selection of advertising spaces and materials, due to which the possibility of cheating the counter is minimized;
  • our highly skilled content department makes sure the advertising materials are of premium quality;
  • convenience of cooperation: flexible payment terms, simplicity of advertising blocks management, detailed statistics and so on. - just try and you will not be able to stop.

Example of an advertising block

For advertisers

Quality traffic
Our monitoring system enables us to show you only real visitors, who are interested in your products.

Affordable retargeting
Every advertiser can use retargeting in our network!

Dynamic banners
They combine the advantages of teaser ads with the elements of media ads, thus ensuring maximum efficiency.

For webmasters

Profitable conditions
Wide choice of advertisers ensures stable income.

User-friendly advertising blocks constructor
Grants you a possibility to create unique advertising blocks for every partner site.

Affiliate program
Stable profit share for every invited webmaster.

Last news:
Dear webmaster! (2017-08-30)
We regret to inform you that AdBlock blocked our code. At the moment we can't provide you with a new code which would help you to earn more, but we continue working in this direction and we hope that soon we will be able to defeat AdBlock.