Dear users,
TrafMag company treats your personal data with great responsibility.

Privacy policy while using and its subdomains

Information containing personal data

We store your name, e-mail address and other information you provided us with while contacting us (e.g., through Contact Us Form). Such information is used exclusively for the purpose of communication with you and is never combined with your personal data for further usage.

Non-personal data

Our site inserts a text fragment (cookie) into the data storage of your web-browser. This cookie keeps information about your activity on the site and usually contains the following data:
  • Personal settings of the site (e.g., the automatic login for the repeat visit of the web-page), what makes your browsing of the site more convenient.
  • Site analytics. This information shows, which sections of the site are most frequently used, so that we can constantly work on their improvement.
  • On-line advertising. Cookies on foreign web-sites let us show you the Ads that can be interesting for you, considering the sites you have visited and the links you have followed. This section will be explained in more detail further.

Privacy policy of on-line advertisement demonstartion

Our technique enables us to demonstrate the users the most relevant advertisements, based on methods of analysis of user activity in the network. The information we gather is never combined with personal data, the advertisements are generated based on anonymous data. If you do not wish the advertisements you see to be chosen by our technique, you can disable this option. You will find the instruction on how this can be done on the bottom of the page.

Types of anonymous data we gather

Our technique presupposes the usage of non-personal data only. This data contains the history of the web-sites you have visited, advertising links you have followed, the goods you have viewed on the pages of on-line stores, the goods you have added to cart and so on. Besides, we store information about the functioning of our advertising materials, e.g., how many times a particular announcement has been viewed, if the link was followed and if this resulted in a purchase.

What this information is used for

All this information helps us choose the advertisement from our partners, which will be most suitable for you. We choose the advertisements based on your prior activity on the web-pages of on-line stores and the non-personal data we have gathered. This helps us to eliminate from the sites those advertising offers that are of little interest to you. Thus, the income of partner-sites is raised, as they can develop more dynamically and provide you with better service.

Data storage and security

TrafMag company treats the safety of your data with great responsibility and does its best to ensure all the gathered information is used in terms of our company's privacy policy and according to law only.

Your data control

Disclosure of information to the third party

We never disclose your personal information without your written consent. Non- personal data can only be used for selecting advertising information and analysis of the market, carried out by our partners. The disclosure of your personal data to the authorities is possible only in statutory cases.


We never deliberately gather any information about users, who are under 13 years old. In case we find out such information has been gathered, we will immediately take measures to delete it from our system.

Important data

We never gather personal data, such as bank account numbers, id numbers, medical history or prescriptions and so on.

Cookie management

Most modern browsers allow the user to enable or disable the cookies. You can manage the cookies according to your preferences in section "settings" of your browser.


If you do not wish to receive advertising chosen according to our technique, you can disable the option through the link. In this case, the TrafMag cookie will be installed to your browser. It will prompt our system not to gather your non-personal data.

Links to other sites

Our site may contain links to other sites, which have no direct connection to us and do not share our privacy policy. Although we consider the privacy policy of those sites to be of high standard, we cannot give any guarantees of that or carry any responsibility in case of divergence of their policy from ours.

Changes in privacy policy

The privacy policy can be changed. If any changes are made, we will notify the users about it by placing the information on the main page of our site.

In case you have any further questions, please, contact us through Contact US Form.